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Now you have an occasion to buy the first of such in the world – the book about one of the most rare species of tortoise.  The book contains 96 pages and 124 cited publications.

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Maslak R., Kazmierczak M. (2010): Zolw egipski (Testudo kleinmanni Lortet, 1883). Biologia i problemy ochrony. Wydawnictwo Lineart, Warszawa. 96 stron, ISBN 978-83-927375-1-3

Table of contens

1. Introduction
2. Systematics and evolution
3. Morphology
3.1 Carapax
3.2 Plastron
3.3 Limbs
3.4 Head
3.5 Tail
3.6 Other characters
4. Testudo werneri versus Testudo kleinmanni
5. Distribution and environment
5.1 Climate
5.1.1 Macroclimate
5.1.2 Microclimate
5.1.3 Plants
5.1.4 Zoogeographical region
5.1.5 Examples of climate conditions in Libya, Egipt and Israel
5.2 Occurrence and environmental conditions
5.2.1 Libya
5.2.2 Egypt
5.2.3 Israel
6. Biology
6.1 Sexual dimorphism and breeding
6.2 Annual cycle and behaviour
7. Threats and conservation
7.1 Threats
7.1.1 Libya
7.1.2 Egypt
7.1.3 Israel
7.2 Legal status, conservation, European Studbook Foundation
7.2.1 Legal status and protection
7.2.2 European Studbook Foundation
8. Keeping in captivity
8.1 Quarantine
8.2 Terrarium
8.3 Diet
8.4 Annual climatic cycle in terrarium
8.5 Breeding
8.6 Hatchlings and juvenile husbandry
9. Bibliography
10. Appendices
10.1 Climatic tables
10.2 Photographs

about authors


Herpetologist, etologist, assistant professor at Institute of Zoology, University of Wroclaw. Research interests focus on biology of amphibians and reptiles, zoopsychology and welfare of wild animals in captivity. In recent years he participated in projects related to the behaviour and welfare of captive mammals (especially bears) and reptiles, the distribution and conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the Lower Silesia, phylogeography of lizards,  social behaviour of geckos, stereotypic behaviour of turtles, embriology of Squamata.


Student of biology (zoology) and microbiology, vice president of the Students Scientific Group of Herpetologists at the University of Wroclaw. Members of the European Studbook Foundation Testudo kleinmanni Studbook Breeding Programme. Currently, in the Department of Biology and Conservation of Vertebrates preparing a thesis about the distribution and environmental preferences of smooth snake (Coronella austriaca) in Lower Silesia. Passionate tortoises, particularly occuring Africa. As the first in Poland he brought up multiplied Egyptian tortoises.